Evan Soltas
Apr 22, 2016

New Blog

After four years, I am decommissioning my old Blogger site and moving over to something more permanent. Following Erik Bernhardsson's recommendation, I am now running the blog on Jekyll, which allows me to write blog posts in a Markdown file offline, drop the post file into a folder, and then deploy the post from the command line.

Erik's post and the Jeykll site have a lot of useful advice on deployment. I also consulted a guide from Daniel Whyte. A guide from Yevgeniy Brikman was essential in forwarding readers from the Blogger site to the correct pages on the new site. And I had to pick up a decent amount of programming know-how along the way.

All of the old posts are now on the new site, and the old Blogger links redirect appropriately. Some old graphics may not render correctly. I will be working my way through the old material to iron out any issues. Drop a line, please, if you encounter any.