Evan Soltas
Apr 4, 2015

Today's Links

1. The idea of "financialization" is usually associated with left-wing sociology. Yet here is a terrific BBC Radio 4 broadcast on the idea -- it's from 2011, but it's a keeper -- which shows its origins, but also its crossover appeal, or at least it did for me. (To see that crossover appeal, think about economic research's focus on "consumption smoothing.") Relatedly, see Mike Konczal and Clive Crook debating whether or not the "ownership society" is a good public-policy goal.

2. Michael Morell, the former CIA director, with a wise perspective on what Iran wants, which should inform our understanding of the nuclear deal. Morell pinpoints the Iranian interest in regional-power status and how its nuclear-weapons program has advanced and hurt its pursuit of that interest. Related: the centrifuge math of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

3. In the most recent New York Review of Books, Christopher Jencks asks whether the War on Poverty was lost -- which is a nice review of why you shouldn't take the official poverty statistics at face value -- and Cass Sunstein looks at how Friedrich Hayek saw John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor. There is a lot of interesting new material in the second, even for people who have read a decent amount of Hayek and Mill.

4. Via Miles Corak, the most comprehensive list of resources on economics I have ever seen.