Evan Soltas
Mar 19, 2015

Today's Links

1. Related to my post on rents, Justin Fox shows that a growing share of the value of stocks in the S&P comes from intangibles.

2. Adam Ozimek explains what should be the consensus on the effects of charter schools: "Some charter schools appear to do very well, and on average charters do better at educating poor students and black students."

3. Farhad Manjoo with spectacular photos of New York City at night.

4. Yikes: The credit-default swaps market thinks the probability of a Greek default within the next five years is nearly 80 percent.

5. Matt Rognlie, the MIT grad student who took on Piketty with convincing arguments about the elasticity of capital-labor substitution.

6. Cool 3D visualization of the yield curve.

7. A colorful visualization from the WSJ on how the Fed's forecasts have evolved: