Evan Soltas
Mar 18, 2015

Today's Links

1. E. Roy Weintraub's "MIT and the Transformation of American Economics" is getting some attention, with recent reviews from David Warsh and Paul Krugman.

2. Via Karan Chhabra, Yale is launching an online physician's-assistant masters program with the intention of expanding enrollment tenfold from the current on-campus base. Relatedly, see this recent Kevin Carey column, arguing that the reason MOOCs were overhyped was that they could not issue official degrees that were valued at par with traditional on-campus ones. Well then, here we go.

3. The flattening of the Phillips curve, illustrated using the 1980s expansion and present:

4. Danny Yagan finds that the 2003 dividend tax cut had no effect on corporate investment, using a comparison of C- and S-corporations. The idea was actually suggested in the final paragraph of a related 2006 paper by Raj Chetty and Emmanuel Saez, which showed that the tax cut led an increase in dividend payouts. Mike Konczal has a nice review of the Yagan paper.