Evan Soltas
Mar 15, 2015

Today's Links

1. Two neat papers by Radek Stefanski on how China and India have affected oil prices and on implicit subsidies for fossil fuels. "Structural transformation in China and India accounts for 52% of the oil price increase in the OECD between 1970 and 2007," and increases in implicit fuel subsidies explain the entirety of emissions growth since 2000.

2. Anthony Bourdain goes to Copenhagen. What struck me was that, if you think that low inequality in these countries is the result of some exogenous public-policy decision, you're not getting the whole picture. There is a deep-set cultural attitude in Denmark against "too much" individual success. That conservatism motivates Danish policy. From a more economic point of view, you may also find this interesting: Hendrik Kleven on "why the Scandinavians can tax so much."

3. How the ancients estimated Pi, using the method of exhaustion and Archimedes' algorithm. (You have to click on the bolded-and-underlined link at the bottom of each page to keep reading.)

4. Watch this over the next few months: Employment in food services and drinking places in the Seattle metropolitan area. No response yet to the $15-an-hour minimum wage.