Evan Soltas
Mar 9, 2015

Today's Links

1. Half of European investors expect a "Japan in the 1990s"-style deflationary malaise, and more great commentary on the mismatch of economic and political institutions that is the European Union, from Timothy Garton Ash.

2. A fantastic introduction to the "fetal origins hypothesis" and what it should mean to the individual looking to raise a child. I'll be writing more about this soon -- midterms are getting in the way of substantial posts -- particularly on its public-policy implications.

3. Stephen Williamson challenges Krugman's monetary history of the 1990s. The right history is a bit of both. The exit in 1994 looks to me more like Williamson's version than Krugman's -- Krugman's account, however, gains more resonance in the decisions in the late 90s not to raise rates, despite falling unemployment. It's an irony of history that the policy of restraint that Krugman endorsed retrospectively was opposed in the moment by the current chair.

4. A remarkable deep-dive from Cardiff Garcia on when we might expect labor to share in the productivity gains from technological change, looking back at history. "Engel's pause" is new to me.

Note: My intention, going forward, is to integrate the links with brief commentary, just as I have above. Please let me know if this works for you, or if some other arrangement would be better.