Evan Soltas
Mar 1, 2015

Assorted Links

1. Could air pollution be the first environmental issue to pierce the "development first, democracy later" agenda of China? Here's some solid new evidence that air pollution hurts infants and holds them back for the rest of their lives. Via Brad Plumer, it's also an issue in India.

2. "I find that affirmative action sharply increases the black share of employees, with the share continuing to increase over time...Strikingly, the black share continues to grow even after an establishment is deregulated."

3. Real, lasting reductions in the incarcerated population will take much more robust programs that ease the transition back to into the labor market.

4. Is "housing lock" real? Yes: "A decline in home equity is associated with large and statistically significant reductions in household mobility. A rise in the LTV ratio from 90 to 115% is associated with a 30% decline in household mobility." No: Henry Farber and Rob Valletta.

5. How, in 1967, Reagan changed the purpose of America's public universities. Also, check out this older piece by Aaron Bady and Mike Konczal about how that historical moment started the shift towards ever less state funding.