Evan Soltas
Jan 9, 2015


I've just returned from a long trip to Malaysia as a member of Princeton's delegation to the World Universities Debating Championship, which Kuala Lumpur hosted this year.

I managed to take this panoramic shot of the city's skyline from Lake Titiwangsa, which was left behind by an abandoned open tin-mine pit and is now situated in a park to the north of the city center. A full-size copy of the image can be found here, and I release it into the public domain.

It was an amazing opportunity and great privilege to go, although perhaps not at the best time. The AirAsia flight went down two days after I arrived, and the country was in mourning. Beyond debate, I also learned an enormous amount as an economist -- just observing an East Asian developing economy firsthand was invaluable.

I'll try to put together some thoughts over the next few days if people are interested. As a start, I found this comparison helpful: Malaysia's GDP per capita, adjusted for PPP, is now about about a third of that of the US, making it comparable to Mexico today or South Korea in the mid-1980s.