Evan Soltas
Aug 10, 2014

Ground Control to Major Tom

I am back. Posting will resume over the next month, after radio silence since May.

Also, an important disclosure: I am working on research for Professor Atif Mian for the remainder of the summer.

I have a longstanding personal rule that I try to minimize the amount I write about Princeton economists, because it invites concerns about my incentives from readers and needlessly complicates my relationships at school. This can't always be maintained -- for example, Paul Krugman called me out in a lecture one time this spring. But I try not to go out and write about stuff my professors are doing.

After interviewing Mian's co-author Amir Sufi back in May on their book, House of Debt, Sufi mentioned me to Mian, not at my prompting. Mian then reached out to me, offering me a research position, specifically at the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance, which he runs. I accepted. Schoolwork comes first, and this is a great opportunity.