Evan Soltas
Sep 27, 2013

Introducing the UBS Center

The University of Zurich and UBS somehow launched a major new academic center for the study of economics, brought in top names to speak at their event, and then told nobody.

I stumbled upon their YouTube page by accident this evening, and I can't quite believe it. Not a single person in my Twitter feed -- which is much of the English-speaking financial-news media -- has linked to it.

The first panel I found included (among the big names) Jordi Gali, Jean-Claude Trichet, and Lars Svensson -- with Daron Acemoglu asking some important questions. It's on "monetary policy and currency markets in a volatile world." I've watched about half of it, and it's really good. And yet, a total of 315 people have watched it.

The UBS Center, which opened last year, has an upcoming lecture from Joseph Stiglitz on the future of Europe. They also have some videos of panels on the globalization of the renminbi that look interesting. More information on the center, from its website:
The new center of excellence serves two main aims, the first of which is to finance world-class research in economics on all levels, to be conducted at the University's Department of Economics. It thereby supports the department's ambition to further strengthen its position as one of the top economics departments in Europe and to make Zurich one of the best places for research in economics in the world. The Center's other aim is to serve as a platform for dialogue between academia, business, politics, and the broader public, fostering continuous knowledge transfer in the process. Delivering on these aims will in turn also contribute to the quality of Zurich, and Switzerland more generally, as leading locations for education and business.
If subsequent events are as good as these sessions, this could soon be one of the most important economic think tanks in the world.