Evan Soltas
Sep 6, 2012

The 10 Best Democratic Policy Ideas

I've got another post up in Bloomberg on "The 10 Best Economic Ideas in the Democratic Platform." An excerpt:

While most discussion of the Democratic Party's 2012 platform has centered on God, Jerusalem and abortion, the document does offer useful insight into what the party wants to do in terms of economic policy. At 70 pages, it is somewhat longer than its Republican counterpart, yet it has fewer specific proposals. Nevertheless, as a follow-up to Matt Yglesias' inspection of the Republican platform at Slate, here are my picks for the Democrats' 10 best economic ideas:

1. Government support for early childhood education...2. A new immigration policy focused on admitting and retaining high-skilled immigrants...3. Retraining for the long-term unemployed...4. Government investment in public health...5. Expanding free trade...6. Government support for basic research...7. Regulatory sunsetting...8. Expanding school choice...9. Foreign aid reform... 10. Transportation infrastructure investment...