Evan Soltas
Aug 23, 2012

The Macro Forecast Goes Live

I've built the dashboard which will display the real-time macroeconomic forecast program I'm constructing, first described in this post. (See the righthand column.)

Right now, I've entered in our current forecast of 1.9 percent quarterly annualized growth in real GDP. And since I'm still working on the unemployment rate and and year-over-year headline CPI inflation models, I've penciled in the numbers from the prior month for now. As data comes in which affects our projection, the graphs will depict the upward or downward movement of my forecast from now until the data's release dates.

I will do my best to keep the graphs updated on a daily basis, so that incoming economic data is reflected as soon as possible into the forecast model. The titles of each graphs will be linked to larger versions as more data is available, and I will write up an FAQ to the model at a later date as well.

There are a few bugs in the display, as I am creatively repurposing the Google Charts tool, but I think it works well enough.