Evan Soltas
Aug 19, 2012

Another Announcement

I am proud to announce, following the notice earlier this week that I am the new writer of Ezra Klein's Wonkbook newsletter at The Washington Post, that I am joining Bloomberg View as a blogger for "The Ticker."

My first post, "What Paul Ryan, and His Critics, Can Learn from Canada," is online now. It talks about the Canadian Medicare system, which uses block grants, and the implications for Paul Ryan's proposal to block-grant Medicaid in the United States.

Paul Ryan's controversial plan for Medicaid takes a cue from a country President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats frequently cited during debates over the Affordable Care Act: Canada...Canada has been using block grants for 35 years. After several years of ruinously high growth in Medicare expenses during the 1970s, their federal government abandoned a 50-50 cost-sharing plan in 1977. Through the Canada Health Transfer program, which gives states some money directly and some through tax-shifting agreements, Canadian provinces and territories receive equal per capita aid, regardless of actual health care expenditure...The result in Canada has been successful cost control -- indeed, even at the aggressive scale Ryan anticipates for Medicaid.
I will be writing two posts a week for Bloomberg View -- and I will always link to them with an excerpt on this blog, so my readers can continue to follow from here for everything I write. Blogging will continue as normal for the other five days of the week.