Evan Soltas
Jun 1, 2012

5 Months in, a Thank You

I'm approaching the six month mark for this blog, and since I've gotten into the habit of doing periodic reviews of how blogging has been going for me, I feel like it's an appropriate time for me to put some reflections in digital ink.

(For prior reflections, see here, when I passed 10k views; here, when I was two-and-a-half months in; or here, when I got my first big link-to from Tyler Cowen in February.)The other stats: 166 posts, 167 comments, uncountable links-to.

Particular thanks goes to Tyler Cowen, Scott Sumner, Matt Yglesias, Matt O'Brien, Noah Smith, Karl Smith, Bonnie KavoussiDavid Beckworth, Phil Izzo, Reihan Salam and Mike Konczal. I'm sure I've forgotten someone who, over the last few months, has sent me an email, passed on to their own, much larger audience one of my posts, or given me good advice, so I apologize in advance for my oversight.

I need, also, to acknowledge is that this blogging effort has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. And I mean that in several ways. First, I've "broken through" into the real-world economics policy conversation and am being taken seriously in a way which seemed unimaginable to me before this blog. Second, the number of views I have received, and the way views are growing month to month, boggles my mind. Third, I continue to learn, enjoy, and otherwise gain from blogging more than expected when I set out on this crazy adventure in January.

Also, I'll remind my readers that you can subscribe to my Twitter feed here, which relays updates from this blog.

Expect a substantive post later today.