Evan Soltas
Apr 16, 2012


And so the odometer rolls over. (That's the number of page views.) I've been doing this since the new year, when it began as a small side project, a daily economics journal, but it has since taken on a life of its own. I wonder whether, if I was to add up all of the other times in my life people have read things I have written -- personal emails, papers and essays, articles in the school newspaper, etc. -- if it would exceed that number. Thanks for your attention; I hope I've earned it. (See here for why a kid is blogging about economics, and here for some "meta" reflection about why blogging has been the best learning exercise I've ever done.)

Check back tomorrow for a post on India, and its short-run and long-run challenges. Apparently, we should expect a Reserve Bank of India rate cut today, despite soaring inflation and unrooted expectations.

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