Evan Soltas
Apr 8, 2012

Weekend Music & Links

It's obvious, from the song, that I'm a New Jerseyan -- I grew up with these sorts of Springsteen songs on the radio. Your links for this week:

Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic tells us that Internet browsing is not a substitute good for book reading. A greater percentage of Americans than ever say they are currently reading a book or novel.

Derek Thompson, also of The Atlantic, shows us a graph depicting the ever-hastening adoption of technology from the stove to the Internet.

The U.S. is getting a digital public library system, perhaps by 2013. Hip hip hooray for public goods with positive externalities. Also Google's Art Project is amazing.

The limits of fiat currency are strange. Somalia's shilling is still in use, reports The Economist, even without a government behind it. This one raises all sorts of fascinating questions about how money works.

In other currency-related news, apparently momentum trading in foreign exchange generates excess returns, according to VoxEU. How are these markets efficient, again?

Tyler Cowen has an interesting survey article in The American Interest: "What Export-Oriented America Means."

Another cool article about competition and firm entry: Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Free Mobile, a French telecom provider, is shaking up established rivals like Orange, by offering radically lower priced plans. Like 2 euro a month, instead of 400 a year.