Evan Soltas
Apr 1, 2012

This Week on Quora

As readers know, I joined Quora last week to answer economics questions and attract some more exposure for the blog. Well, it's been quite a ride since then. Not only has it been way more fun that I thought it was going to be, "[they] liked me, [they] really liked me." I got recognized by the Quora Credit Co-Op as one of a handful of "great new users to follow in March 2012."

"Evan has given some unbelievably intelligent answers on economics. The kicker is that he's still in high school. He says he's not an expert, but he sure sounds like one. Must follow."
(Side note: Wikipedia and Quora have spawned highly organized Internet communities with their own voluntary institutions -- at one point, the Internet is going to be a very interesting proxy way to study the patterns of civilizations.)

And so here are the questions I answered this week: