Evan Soltas
Mar 24, 2012

Weekend Music & Links

  1. Joe Weisenthal looks into the background of his and my favorite database, FRED. (HT: Paul Krugman)
  2. The Supreme Court begins oral argument for Florida vs. HHS is beginning Monday, March 26, and you will be able to read and listen along with me to oral arguments here. (The Court's decision is due in June.)
  3. If oil prices continue to rise, we should be watching activity in the South China Sea, where China, the Philippines, and other regional players have rivaling claims on the Spratly Islands and their territorial waters, which are believed to be rich in oil and gas. This could become a big deal. (12, both from The Economist).
  4. Paul Graham's amazing perspective on where innovation is coming...the conclusion is "Let me conclude with some tactical advice. If you want to take on a problem as big as the ones I've discussed, don't make a direct frontal attack on it...Empirically, the way to do really big things seems to be to start with deceptively small things." (HT: Russ Roberts on Café Hayek)
  5. How each British generation has fared since the turn of the century? The Financial Times turns its eye towards the demographics of economics. (Or would that be the economics of demographics?)