Evan Soltas
Feb 25, 2012

Weekend Links & Music

Working on my feeling for indie music, which has existed ever since I was introduced to Wilco. Now to this week's links:

  1. Why do businesses locate where they do? Looking at India, agglomeration economies, and infrastructure. (VoxEU)
  2. "The rich are different from you and me"--they have less uninsurable risk in the form of the fraction of their total wealth in the equity of their primary residence and private business. (VoxEu, also)
  3. The U.S. remains the most desirable location for immigrants. 23 percent of those surveyed would move here if they could -- that's 143 million people -- more than triple the percentage for the next closest country, the U.K. (Modeled Behavior)
  4. Paul Krugman announces his latest book, End This Depression Now!, soon in a bookstore or in the hands of an amateur economist near you -- the publication date is April 23.
  5. The death of the U.K.'s 5% NGDP target, right before your eyes. (Scott Sumner)