Evan Soltas
Feb 9, 2012

Blogger's Statement

Why a kid is blogging about economics.

Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution linked to me this morning. (Thank you, Mr. Cowen.) It's the first traffic blip I've had in this daily economics journal, which makes it worthwhile for me to set out a few notes about why I'm doing this in the first place.

I'm not an economics expert. That's why I am blogging: I am using a daily journal as a tool to learn about and explore a topic which fascinates me deeply. Ultimately, this blog is an exercise I'm doing for me. But I share it with the online public intentionally. I figured that somewhere out there, there could be people who would find my perspective worthwhile--that of a student, a younger person, and someone who, piece-by-piece, will learn with his audience to understand and appreciate economics.

If that's appealing, I hope you join me and keep reading. If not, sorry.