Evan Soltas
Feb 4, 2012

Music & Links

For whatever reason--I think it's because I watched Forrest Gump with friends last weekend, which has a Creedence Clearwater Revival song in it--I'm listening to a whole bunch of Vietnam-era music. James Brown, Rolling Stones, Don McLean...you get the picture.

Links to some good reading this weekend:

  1. The anti-Keynesian opposition goes into a panicky retreat, reports The Economist's "Democracy in America" blog. (HT: Paul Krugman)
  2. Josh Hendrickson of Ole Miss takes Tyler Cowen and other people who don't think carefully about the role of the financial sector in the larger economy to task. 
  3. Why Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood should resign--this is only the latest incident/proof of his inability.
  4. A TED talk which reveals the insight of Clay Shirky's idea of Coase's floor dropping through the Internet, and how it enables decentralized cooperation.