Evan Soltas
Jan 24, 2012

Thinking about America

Lots of good writing recently about America, and the state of our union and its future--in advance, of course, of the President's speech to Congress this evening, to which I will react in due course.

1. Charles Murray, author of Losing Ground, writes a fascinating essay entitled "The New American Divide" in the WSJ about how a class split is emerging in white America on issues like marriage, employment, and child-rearing, where there once were broad cultural consensus behaviors.

2. Adam Davidson of NPR's "Planet Money" program writes about change in American manufacturing and how it is affecting the working class. (HT: Russ Roberts)

3. Daniel Drezner of Foreign Affairs argues that threats to American economic and military hegemony are overdone. (HT: Tyler Cowen)

4. Ryan Lizza, in The New Yorker, peeks into the changing political calculus of the Obama administration through memos--fascinating stuff.