Evan Soltas
Jan 11, 2012

NH Primary

What they say about young voters is true

Voted for the first time in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. Here's the quote I gave to The Exonian, Phillips Exeter Academy's school newspaper, about my experience:
My personal, significant disagreements on social values and policies eliminated most of the candidates for me. So I was left with three real options: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Between those three, Romney seemed to be the most experienced and the most prepared to take on the incumbent president.
A bit of personal history: although this is the first time I voted, it is not I've ever been to the polls, and by no means the first time I've been civically engaged. For the last few elections -- that is, since I've been old enough to read anything of meaningful complexity -- my mom invited me to do the research for her. That is, look into the backgrounds and the proposals of the candidates and make a thoughtful recommendation as to for whom she should vote.

Yet when I went to the polls this afternoon in Exeter, it seemed as though I was the only person in the local public school gymnasium, which was serving as the polling center, without grey hair. A good 30 percent must have had canes.

So if my own anecdotal experiences are worth anything, it's that the relative disengagement of the youth vote has a whole lot to do with the passive attitudes of their parents towards this sort of thing.

Also, a friend alerted me to this (apparently satirical) perennial candidate. I did see him on the Democratic ballot.